Company History

“Our History is the story we create for ourselves”

RDMD Private Limited claims ownership to a history that is little more than a decade. Yet in this short span of time RDMD has been able to reach unimaginable feats while competing with challenging yet exiting times for the apparel industry.

The Founder of RDMD Private Limited and the present Managing Director Dr. Rohana Yakandawala entered into the glorious world of apparel in 2004. However he established RDMD in 2006 and it was registered as RDMD Private Limited in 2008. Starting from scratch as a single owner fabric importing company Dr. Yakandawala developed RDMD to the giant it is today.

He had a vision for the flourishing apparel industry. Identifying that the apparel industry has a gap that has not been filled he set about importing high-quality fabric that suits the environmental conditions of a tropical country. With the importing of these unique fabrics among others he was quickly able to infiltrate the readymade garment industry.

Through RDMD Textiles, Dr. Yakandawala was able to contribute to his vision of exposing the Sri Lankan consumer to garments made of fabric more suitable for the environment they live in. RDMD today owns three factories with the production Capacity of 1.2 Million in Piliyandala, Balapitiya and Gampola. The 40, 000 square feet warehouses located in Makandana and Suwarapola has helped it become one of the top five leading fabric importers in the country with a high turnover.

It is said that “Diversification and Globalization are keys to the future” and the future is what RDMD is catering too. With its quick Success RDMD Private Limited was equally quick to diversify. In 2014 RDMD established King Taste in Katubedda, which is a pub and a family restaurant that is highly popular. In early 2018 another King taste outlet was opened in Kiribathgoda which provides the service of a reception hall that can host 500 pax.

RDMD Textiles a Subsidiary of RDMD Private Limitedis no longer in the background as a producer of high quality garments. It now showcases the latest of designs at Ruth Styles. Ruth Styles was first established in 2015 in Ja-Ela, less than two years into its establishment RDMD has been able to expand and open a showroom in Piliyandala in 2017.

RDMD Private Limited continues to grow with several exciting brand launches (Kingdom, freedom and Kuweni) and expansion plans in the Pipeline.


Our Milestones

2006 .Established as a fabric importer

RDMD was founded based on the core values of teamwork, integrity and commitment. Today, The company’s reach is global, and our people uphold its founder’s vision to provide valuable services to clients.

2008 .Registered as a proprietorship

RDMD Registered as a proprietorship in Sri Lanka.The name of RDMD is registered on this year and growth of the business started from this era.

2014. KingTaste Katubedda Started

RDMD group started their restaurant chain with the name of KingTaste.Their main idea was to supply wide range of foods to the local customers,

2015 . RuthStyle Jaela Started

RuthStyle is the main textile showroom of RDMD.Our first showroom started on 2015 at Jaela.The purpose was to supply uncommon quality dresses to the market.

2016 .Garment Sub Contract Started

RDMD Started garment sub contract on 2016. Ready-made textile were delivered with wholesale. Business started to expand with wide opportunities.

2017 .Established RuthStyle Piliyandala Branch

Ruthstyle Piliyandala branch started on 2017.Factory consist with more labours to supply a good shopping experience to local market

2017 .Established Ruthstyle & KingTaste Together

RDMD able to start both  Ruth Style and KingTaste in one premises in kiribathgoda. More expansion for the business with this move.