Chairman’s Message

Chairman's message

RDMD Private Limited today is one of Sri Lanka’s top 5 leading fabric importers and readymade garment manufacturers in the country. When I first entered the world of apparel I was an in infant in a gigantic market that was thriving in the golden era of Sri Lankan apparel.

Needless to say I was enthralled and wanted to establish myself in this adventurous world. I wanted not only to be part of it but to contribute to it and thereby contribute my motherland. I believe with RDMD I have been able to do that. Never did I expect at its fledgling state that it will be the giant that it is today in a short span of twelve years.

I believe the success of this company lies in the vision it first began from. Sri Lanka has a rich heritage when it comes to the craft of apparel. Kuveni was said to have been engaging in the craft of weaving when Vijaya, the first King of Sri Lanka’s recorded history landed in this nation in 5th Century BC. I am sure the ancient Sri Lankan was aware of the suitable fabric for clothing in a tropical environment during those days of yore, but with time and multiple invasions this knowledge was buried in lost time.

I noticed that the present day consumer while hungry for new trends of the global market has little knowledge which fabrics will provide comfort. I came into the industry with the intention of filling this gap. I believe I have done that.

We are nothing without our customers thereby while achieving our vision we have created a balance by identifying their needs and providing them the best they can find.

I am boastful in this success, but none of it would have been possible had it not been for my faithful and loyal team. RDMD today is not just an apparel company it has diversified into the restaurant industry. We have moved from being a local company to creating a global presence through collaboration with international investors.  I started this journey alone and today through RDMD I have a family that is and will always be the backbone of this company.

Dr. Rohana Yakandawala

Deshamanya, Bsc HRM (Sp.) Justice of Peace (All Island)

(Managing Director)